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What is a Sleep Coach?

A professional sleep coach promotes informed decision-making and provides guidance, non-medical advice, expertise, information, and resources based on a family’s needs while educating and supporting both child and parents. Additionally, a professional sleep coach integrates coaching techniques by helping families identify their own sleep goals and which approach to sleep training resonate and are comfortable for them. A professional sleep coach uses evidence-based research and techniques to provide solutions and a plan parents can follow to create healthy, safe sleep habits that are developmentally and age-appropriate, and supports families during the implementation of the customized sleep plan. 


Did you know?

  • Good sleep habits can be learned at any age! Our sleep coaching provides life-long sleep habits with minimal tears, while continuing to nurture your child.

  • We believe it is important to you support your family and your parenting style, which is why we offer multiple methods of sleep training. However, we do not believe in “cry-it-out”. We will never ask you to compromise your parenting style, but support you as needed to help you reach your goals.

  • Our goal is to set your family up for success by providing simple, easy-to-follow sleep advice. All of our personalized plans are created just for your family, with your child’s emotional need and attachments needs in mind. None of our plans are auto-generated as we believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We provide different techniques and advice to fit your child’s personality and your family values.

  • During your sleep consultation we provide all the tools to create and maintain life-long healthy sleep habits, along with current research and information on pediatric sleep and child development. We address issues involving sleep regressions, developmental leaps, illness, teething, traveling, or visitors in your home, including grandparents!


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Have you tried every book & method you could Google up - and your still going in sleep circles to help your baby sleep?

Do you feel like everything you've read & implemented is not working for your baby?

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Are you taking shifts to help make it through the day but  your exhausted from non-stop sleep interruptions, then daytime & night-time soothing and entertaining baby to help them get tired to go-to and stay sleep?

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Is your entire time spent outside basic life functioning calculating exact times and responses you have tried to get baby to return to sleep on their own? 

Do you barely have time for yourself? Have you showered, eaten or gotten to care for you at all?


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