"They’re so small,

it's all I thought about!"




I knew they would be smaller but I had no idea I’d feel so inadequate, so completely mesmerized, so fearful of doing or being anything wrong.

I was alertly aware with concern for them every-single-long-minute of the day & overnight! 

Then fear of my milk coming in correctly, fear of doing the breastfeeding thing right, fear of them not eating well or me unknowingly hurting them in their frailty.



I needed to rest and recover, but I couldn't rest caring for them by ourselves.

Which is when we called Katie.

Katie was a lifesaver!

She taught me how to have a thriving lifestyle with my body, my babies, my emotions and in-turn helped me connect so much better with my husband.

The sleep was added plus game-changer too which helped me get back to work feeling like a champ!


"I am eternally grateful.”

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It’s 4:30am: you roll over in bed to glance at the video monitor - Katie’s tenderly feeding your babies. She is efficient and lovely with them all rolled into one, and your able to go back to sleep without concern.


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Baby journeys can be fun and funny.... we’ll smile & laugh with you while supporting you in navigating family dynamics.

Even if those preferences include finagling uncle Henry to actually wash his hands and take off his shoes at the door.

Or redirecting Grandma not to wake the babies from nap early so she can take pictures of them!!!

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Baby Brilliance values you & your family’s uniqueness. We’ll present customized support, gear and technique options, collaborating throughout your entire support journey, asking you to share your preferences.


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