“Katie was so kind and truly cared about my son’s sleep and us. She was extremely supportive and very educated. She comforted me when I needed it and all of her advice worked within 2 days for my 18 month old toddler. Thank you Katie for your love and support. Thank you again for everything.”

-Jade H.


“To say I was a skeptic about a NCS/sleep trainer was an understatement. I suffer from Crohn’s disease, a chronic illness, and once we found out we were having twins, my husband insisted we get a nanny. I still thought I could do it on my own with the help of friends and family, but he insisted so I caved. I thought 9 weeks in the NICU was hard, but it was nothing compared to having them both at home. After they were born 10 weeks premature, and finally came home our daytime nanny started from day one. I thought since I had bad insomnia and was up at night anyway that I could handle the evening and nights alone. I think we made it about 4 days, and again my husband said we need more help!!! I was adamant that I could handle it, they would grow up soon, and sleep better, but he had to go back to work right away and needed sleep. As a Physician Assistant I had never heard of the industry of a NCS/sleep training, but I haven’t worked with pediatrics since my training 10 years ago. I consulted with colleagues who all said our boys were too young, as well as older family that concurred. I talked to a few friends who had personally used a NCS and raved about it, but I was still skeptical. I told my husband it was a sham, and maybe we could hire a night nanny for less money, but we didn’t need a “NCS”. Against my wishes he hired Katie. I felt like the worlds biggest failure as a mother. I had two nannies, what mother needed that much help with only two babies? I had friends that had twins and some of them had zero help. If they could do it, surely I could handle at least half a day, right? Granted I hadn’t slept more than a few hours in weeks, with waking to pump while they were in the NICU then my whole world being turned upside down when they finally came home, so at least to say I wasn’t too happy with him. After literally one night of good sleep I was seeing the light. Katie was amazing with the boys, and so insightful. She not only was competent and knew what she was doing, but she was great about providing life changing ideas that were applicable day and night. Daytime naps were going better and having the peace of mind to mentally check out and be off the clock was an indescribable blessing. Our expectation was after 12 weeks the boys should be sleeping a good 8 hour stretch due to their adjusted age and may need to be a bit older before going any longer. However, to our amazement in just 7 weeks one of our boys was sleeping through the night, not just 8, but 12 hours consecutively!!! He went to bed at 7pm and didn’t make a peep until 7am. Just having one baby sleeping made the world of difference. Heck just having them sleep 4 hours at once was an accomplished. Our other son is an eater, so he had a little harder time with getting passed 8 hours, but katie was persistent and up for the task, and 2 short weeks he was making the 12 hour stretch. Even though, the work got easier for Katie as they slept, just knowing she was here in case they woke up and I could get uninterrupted sleep was a dream come true. She was reliable, experienced, knowledge, and beyond helpful, and a life changer. I can honestly say it was the best money I’ve ever spent, and if I had to do it again I would in a heartbeat. Hindsight, really is 20/20, and if I only knew how life altering this process would be I would have saved myself a lot of grief. Since words cannot say how truly grateful we are to Katie, I would happily be willing to discuss further if interested. We’ve already been recommending her to friends and family!”

-Barbarann P.


“We contacted Baby Brilliance when we became desperate for rest. Our 5 month old was never a great sleeper and things were getting worse. No one was getting sleep. He would be up at least 5 times per night, some nights every couple of hours. And naps....forget it! 20 minutes if we were lucky. We were not only exhausted, but worried about our little one. No way he was getting the sleep he needed. Enter Katie. We spoke with her over the phone for the first time because this is all new to us. She was very calming and encouraging that she could help us. We decided to have her come to our home for 48 hours to help us start our training. We received our son's detailed daily schedule via email the day before training. It had his day all laid out (when to nap, when to eat, bed time, etc). This was helpful to know what to expect and to have something in writing, right there for you to look at and refer to. Also a big help for our parents and nanny who also help care for our son. During our training, the first night was difficult for my husband and I both....unfortunately there were a few tears from not only our son, but from me too. However, Katie was there. She calmly explained that his crying was just his protest to change and that it would all be okay. She explained everything so we knew exactly what to do and then told us to go to bed and rest, she had it from there. What?! Rest was our only job that night? It did feel strange handing the baby monitor over to her, but I knew our son was in good hands. After the first couple of nights, our son was sleeping 11-12 hours and has ever since! AMAZING! We could not believe it and could not be more thankful for Katie and Baby Brilliance. Now we are all getting the rest we need and that makes for a much happier and healthier household.”

-Jennifer W.


“After welcoming quintuplets into our home, Katie made our transition from two to seven kids so much easier. It’s rare to find someone with so much experience with multiples. She was so great to our entire family, and provided us with valuable training every time she came by to help care for the quints. I wish we could have worked with her longer, but we had to head home to southern Utah after our stay in Arizona.”

-Skyler and Jamie S.


"Katie Coleman worked for us as a Newborn Care Specialist and was so helpful. Our son was a preemie and with that came a lot of challenges at night. She was caring and knowledgeable about them and provided lots of good advice. I particularly liked when I would wake up and find him sleeping on her after he had been having a rough night. She wasn’t going to let him be uncomfortable alone, rather would provide the care I would as his mother. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you during the nights when you have a newborn. She can work with you on solutions for issues and be a person you can count on when you need to give yourself a little self care."

-Jennifer M.
First time mom at 44 and grateful for the support


"When our 17 month old son went through a sleep regression, we were referred to Katie.  We hired her for 5 nights to get him back on track after months of 2-3 nightly wake ups.  Katie had him sleep trained in just 3 nights!  Since then, he continues to sleep 12 hours a night.  Katie also helped us with optimizing our evening routine and feedings which ensured the best chance of success.  Katie was always on time and extremely professional!  We are so grateful to her and I would highly recommend her for any job."

-April B.


"Katie helped care for my twin boys for the first 12 weeks. She did a fantastic job with the babies which afforded us peace of mind and some sleep. She helped guide us through our two biggest issues, sleeping and feeding. While Katie was with us we were able to develop a sleep schedule that has helped our twins become good sleepers. She also helped with feeding issues and ultimately steered us in the right direction as far as formulas. Our babies no longer deal with the stomach issues they once did. Overall I would certainly recommend Katie as a Newborn Care Specialist."

-Kari W.


“We had the great fortune of having Katie work with our family during the first twelve weeks of our son Rambo’s life. In that short time, Katie was kind, caring and, above all else, incredibly informative. As worried first-time parents we had a million questions, all of which Katie was more than prepared to answer. She was patient during Rambo’s first bout of bronchiolitis, which kept him up with a nasty cough. Having someone like Katie nearby really eased our tension during those rough few days. Because of his illness, Rambo needed to stick with nighttime feeds for longer, and our sleep training started late. But with Katie’s help Rambo adapted amazingly! In the last week with us, Katie was able to move our son from a self-rocking bassinet with a swaddle, to unswaddled in his crib, with minimal fussing and check-ins. It’s amazing to put our baby down for bed at 7:30 and have him sleep a complete twelve hours! We highly recommend Katie as a night nurse. Her knowledge and warmth helped us through the shaky first days of parenthood, and we’re all the stronger for it.”

-Scott and Daniela Y.


“I highly recommend Katie Coleman as a Newborn Care Specialist. Katie has worked for our family for more than 4 months, since our twin boys were born. We have loved having her. We have four children, the youngest of which are twins, and we knew we would need help at night so that I could care for all the kids during the day (our older boys are 3 and 5). Accordingly, we hired Katie several months before the twins were due for a 12 week period, 7 nights per week. From the moment Katie arrived, she was a huge help, and we soon realized that we definitely couldn’t let her go after just 12 weeks (which is why she is still helping us even now that are twins are about 4.5 months old). Katie is exceptionally knowledgeable, and she has a ton of experience. This was very important to us; as third time parents we know a lot yet we still wanted someone from whom we could learn and who could still teach us new tips and tricks (particularly with respect to raising twins, which is new for us). I had believed that I knew about every possible piece of baby gear on the market, but Katie introduced me to at least three awesome devices/tools I had never seen. Similarly, when one twin developed reflux, which was an issue neither of our older children faced, Katie was able to help us diagnose it and address it effectively (in coordination with our pediatrician of course). Katie also is an experienced sleep trainer and the twins sleep 12 hours a night. With four kids under 6, it was very important to us to find an NCS who could get the twins on a schedule effectively, including for sleep. Perhaps most important of all, Katie has a terrific attitude. She is always upbeat and positive, even in the face of highly stubborn and challenging babies like one of our twins. She’s willing to try different things (which is so important with babies) when one approach isn’t working. She’s wonderfully loving and caring with babies; she appears to genuinely adore working with them. Lastly, Katie is extremely calm and confident, which is so reassuring even when you are a relatively experienced parent. From the moment she set foot in our house each night, I felt relieved. Our babies were always at ease with her. I have no concerns whatsoever about giving Katie the highest recommendation and would be happy to discuss our experience with her and her work for us any time.”

-Joanna S.


"It’s not an exaggeration to say that we owe our baby’s happiness and well-being to Katie.  For most of her 3 month stay with us, our son suffered from major sleeping and eating issues.  He barely slept more than a few hours during the day, and at one month old began exhibiting signs of severe reflux and many allergies.  To this date, he is on multiple medications and on a completely hypoallergenic diet.  Through all of this, Katie has been our rock and mentor, reassuring us when our baby wouldn’t eat more than an ounce a feeding and helping us come up with different solutions.  Even though we are not first-time parents, she has helped guide us through a very difficult time. The things that really set Katie apart are her dedication and persistence.  Throughout our baby’s feeding issues, Katie was constantly offering new suggestions, asking colleagues for any advice, and doing extensive research on her own.  She would send us articles on what she thought might help and gave us names of medical professionals to see. When our son was barely eating, she would literally try for an hour to get him to take more.  And during his most restless nights, she would spend her entire shift comforting him.  Yet despite all her obstacles, she still managed to sleep condition our son as much as possible.  So much so, that we are proud to say that he can fall asleep in his crib on his own with minimal fussing for almost the entire night. Do not hesitate to hire Katie.  We truly believe any baby (and parents!) would be lucky to have her – her professionalism, knowledge, and obvious love for her job makes her one of a kind.  She is in high demand and can book months in advance, so if you’re lucky enough to even have the opportunity to interview her, I’d snatch her up now!  She is so committed to her profession that she even completed her baby massage and CPST certifications during her stay with us (which we were happy to take advantage of). If you have any questions or simply want to hear more glowing stories about Katie, please feel free to contact us anytime."

-Melinda C.


"Katie has been caring for our 4-month-old girl for two months now. She comes when we’re going to bed, and enables us to sleep with the utmost assurance that [my daughter] will be okay. She knows her way around newborns AND nervous moms, and has soothed and reassured both of us numerous times these past weeks. She is also lovely to be around, and very easygoing and respectful. It’s a real pleasure to have her staying nights with us, which I imagine isn’t always the case in tight quarters like ours. This past week, we went ahead and sleep-trained, despite my many assorted fears. She didn’t dismiss my fears, and was happy to go over the why, what and how as many times as I needed. She was also happy to alter the sleep training according to what made me comfortable. In the hours before that first night, Katie and I texted back and forth, and at the end of a long line of anxious questioning on my part, she simply answered “I promise I will take good care of her.” And, coming from Katie, I knew it would be true. We will miss her when she leaves, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Newborn Care Specialist or Sleep Trainer." 

- Jenna G.


"Katie came to work for our family when our triplets were five weeks old. She came at the last minute to fill in for another baby nurse, and we immediately loved her and were so happy that she was able to come regularly for several months. She is incredibly good with babies—confident, gentle, soothing, energetic, and loving. Taking care of triplet newborns at night is no easy task, and we were always impressed with her great, loving attitude, warmth, and good humor. She is trust worthy, reliable, punctual, and totally dependable. She genuinely loves and care about the children in her care, and it made us feel so comfortable to have her with our family. While she spent most of her time with us with our triplets, Katie has also taken care of our two-year-old daughter, and she is also wonderful with her: patient, fun, sweet, and also consistent and gently firm when necessary. Taking care of a toddler can be very different from taking care of a newborn, and Katie is remarkable in that she is so good with both.We recommend Katie extremely highly—she is a wonderful person and Newborn Care Specialist, and we miss her very much. We would be happy to speak to anyone about Katie as well. Please feel free to contact me or my husband, Henry."

-Alessandra O.


"Katie came into our lives when we had hit a wall with sleep training our 7 month-old daughter. Waking up every hour to tend to our crying baby for 7 months wore us out and we needed help! The biggest problem we encountered when seeking help from sleep trainers was an actual person! We found a lot of "sleep trainers" that wanted to "guide" us over the phone and charge us an arm and a leg for the consult. No way! We needed some in person, willing to go through the sleepless nights with us and Katie did it! Katie, gave us peace of mind when we felt so lost, so hopeless, so tired and so guilty about letting an infant cry to sleep. In the end, it all worked out for the best. Our girl figured it out within 20 minutes and learned to put herself to sleep every time since then! Baby learned to self soothe and mom and dad got sleep again!!! Being consistent with Katie's instructions plays a big role. We've encountered a few changes, but Katie has been very helpful by responding fast to our questions. We wish you a good night sleep! Good luck!"

-Griselda M. and Tom V.


"Katie has been a wonderful addition to our team of caregivers for our newborn twins. She came in on short notice as a Newborn Care Specialist for us as we needed someone to help us with the overnights and sleep train our girls. She has a true care and compassion for our infants as well as the knowledge to know how to handle situations if one or both are having a rough time. She has a calming and nurturing nature which my babies really seem to enjoy. She is very comfortable and confident which reflects on how our babies have responded to her. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to infants which has been invaluable to myself as a first time mom. I feel that you would be very happy with your choice to hire her to care for your children. Please feel free to call me to discuss anything further!"

-Betsy R.

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