Family, the center

of your story.   

Family, you are the sun, my moon & all our stars!


Baby Brilliance is designed to embrace clients as they live out their own baby story.

A support approach encouraging you to embrace and loose yourselves in an authentically personalized experience.

Much like a custom wedding, your baby journey is a once in a lifetime occasion which can be prepared. By coordinating your finer details and choice experiences, you can design your custom "Baby Brilliance" experience.

Alongside you, Katie will design a beautiful & brilliant custom experience on behalf of your family.

Our lives gift few precious events as pregnancy, postpartum and bringing your baby(s) home to nest.

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What to expect

working with Katie & Baby Brilliance

Katie loves people!

She genuinely loves her clients and those gorgeous, squishy babes.

Katie is the genuine non-judgmental warmth & laughter of a hospitable dinner party under the stars with the people you love.

Her heart of service excellence is present in all she does.

A “gem” her client shared.

My “rock” another client expressed.

My “exhale” yet another client professed.

"It’s rare you find someone with all the warmth of a wise & solutions knowledgeable grandmother in a young, loving professional!"  

As warm as she is detailed in client lifestyle solutions, & down-to-earth as sweet potato pie.

"Katie is easy to be with, easy to love & a postpartum gift to yourself."

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Baby Brilliance is committed to upmost integrity and respect for you.

Our team's warm, collaborative & non-judgmental expert support cherishes and honors your experience as your own.



Katie is passionately committed to annual continuing education

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Katie empowers her client's with confidence & reassurance!

Offering her wealth of expertise, experience and presentation skill-set in teaching & guiding parents in baby care how to's. Additionally, clients benefit from her A+ parenting resources, & professional down-to-earth approach to custom client support.


Katie is a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula, Certified Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute; a Credentialed Collegiate Level Educator in the UK. Katie is also a Car Seat Technician, Lactation Educator and Breastfeeding support facilitator.


*** Titles are also know as: Night Nannies, Night Nurses, Baby Nurses, Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas.