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Baby Brilliance believes your child is special and unique!

We believe that each and every family is special and unique, which is why everything we do is customized to your family’s needs and goals during the newborn stage and beyond. Safe sleep is of the utmost important to us at Baby Brilliance, and our job is to get your child sleeping through the night, in a safe sleep environment. We believe providing in home support helps maximum long term success and reduces stress. It is important to us that both you and your little ones be able to sleep through the night.

Our biggest hope is that you and your entire family get the sleep you need!

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working with Baby Brilliance

Our Standard of Care!

Baby Brilliance is an evidence based practice, combining professional expertise, family preferences, and evidence-based information. All of Baby Brilliance’s specialists are certified Newborn Care Specialists through CACHE, recognized around the world as the Gold Standard for child care certification. We believe in integrity, ongoing education, mentoring, and always staying up to date with the latest information to supply the highest level of care possible.

"Katie is highly experienced and sought after. She was extremely supportive and very educated. She comforted me when I needed it and all of her advice worked! Thank you Katie for your love and support."

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Baby Brilliance is committed to upmost integrity and respect for you.

Our team's warm, collaborative & non-judgmental expert support cherishes and honors your experience as your own.



About the Founder/Owner

Katie Coleman, NCS, GSC

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Katie Coleman, founder and owner of Baby Brilliance, is an experienced and highly sought-after Sleep Coach and Newborn Care Specialist. She has dedicated her life to supporting and educating exhausted and overwhelmed parents through common sleep challenges. Katie has a desire to always provide solutions to each and every family, in their own unique situation, making sure they get all the support they need. With more than 10 years of experience with newborns and young children, she specializes in sleep coaching and caring for multiples, from twins to quintuplets. Katie is a member of numerous organizations including the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, International Nanny Association, and the World Association for Mental Health.

Katie’s extensive credentials include Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, Postpartum Doula, and Lactation Educator. She values on-going education and always staying up to date with the latest research to be able to provide clients with new, evidenced-based information. She empowers her clients with confidence and reassurance through her wealth of training knowledge, parenting resources, first hand experience & her professional approach to custom client support.

After receiving a bachelors degree in counseling and taking numerous child development courses, Katie began building a successful child care career, following her passion. She first worked as professional nanny, specializing in newborns and young children, and then obtained training as Newborn Care Specialist. Katie started her sleep coaching journey in 2015, and has acquired numerous sleep certifications, through the Baby Sleep Trainer, Family Sleep Institute, and Gentle Sleep Coach (June 2019). As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, through Kim West’s program, she has received the most extensive professional sleep coach training and certification program available. The program involves training led by leading medical doctors in their field in addition a psychologist, an attorney, and a family therapist.

Using all of her experience and knowledge, Katie created Baby Brilliance, to serve new families as through the newborn stage and beyond. She initially founded her company in Los Angeles, California after a lifelong dream, but currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Katie offers her services in person, via phone and online, and often travels around the country to create a beautiful and brilliant custom experience for each and every family.


Katie is a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Infant Sleep Specialist,
Postpartum Doula, and Lactation Educator


*** Titles are also know as: Night Nannies, Night Nurses, Baby Nurses, Newborn Care Specialists, and Postpartum Doulas.